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Are you looking for crown moulding installation in Vaughan? Let our crown moulding and trim experts assist you in installing crown moulding, wood trim or baseboards in Vaughan, Ontario.

If you are looking to install custom crown moulding in Vaughan than let our experts assist you installing custom crown moulding in your home
Crown Moulding
Let Home Trim assist you with wood trim installation in Vaughan. Our experts will work with you to find the perfect wood trim for your home.
Trim Installation
If your home needs baseboard installation we can help. Let our assist you with installing baseboards in Vaughan.
Baseboard Installation

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Crown Moulding Installation in Vaughan

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Crown Moulding Installation in Vaughan

Crown Moulding (also called Cornice Moulding) adds a special bit of charm to any area in your home. These lovely works of art have refined the design of castles, estates and cottages for hundreds of years. Until recently, crown moulding installations were quite expensive and troublesome, since plaster had to be used because the foundation of this decoration. Now days plaster wont to be the sole choice, trendy breakthroughs in stable MDF (Medium-density fibreboard) has turned crown mouldings business on all engines. Medium-density particle board is built using wood product fashioned by breaking down hardwood or softwood residuals into wood fibres, creating MDF which is a lot of denser than laminate. This advancement has made installs fast and hassle-free, with a simple clean-up. Our intensive line of business of MDF custom mouldings are the simplest thanks to enhance the great thing about your entire home. Excluding its aesthetic charm, MDF crown mouldings conjointly provide a quick, sensible answer to cover wiring or avoid refinishing a ceiling once a wall has been replaced.

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Trim Installation Vaughan

At Home Trim we provide seamless installation of trim across Vaughan. Our carpenters can take away the prevailing base trim and install new trim no matter the complexity. We provide fast, clean installations of home trim to the precise specifications of your area. If you’ve ever tried to put in molding on your own, then you’d most likely agree that looks are often deceiving, and therefore the installation method will become cumbersome if not measured properly.

Usually a DIY installations are compromised by gaps or poorly fitted joints. The results tend to be walls that aren’t flat, floors that aren’t level, or corners that aren’t sq.. We have a tendency to continually stand behind the standard of our work. we offer you with assurance on materials and installation – unmatched by any molding installation company within the bigger Toronto space.

Our merchandise meet the highest standards of fabric quality within the business. All the bottom trims are fit with a high-quality primer which will permit you to use any paint of your choice.

Our trim comes in 12′, 14′ or 16′ lengths counting on the profile.

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Baseboard Installation in Vaughan

In the past, baseboards were often three-piece affairs consisting of a flat plank, a decorative cap moulding, and a rounded shoe moulding to cover gaps along the floor. About 40-50 years ago, with new technologies and manufacturing processes in place, the baseboard became a single piece, with a variety of designs and options. Original standard sizes were usually somewhere in between 2 to 4 inches. Today, baseboards and trims are bigger and wider to accommodate higher ceilings and larger living spaces. Original tiny boards are being replaced with the new 5” to 7” baseboards to make a more dramatic effect on home interiors. Typically, the height is chosen based on the height of the ceiling and overall the size of the room. Larger baseboards are used in larger rooms with taller ceilings – usually, 5 to 6-inch baseboards on 8-foot ceilings and baseboards over 6 inches for rooms with ceiling a height of 9 feet or higher. Most base mouldings have a plain design and usually match with other trims like casings and wainscoting. The base moulding is generally thinner than the casing. This gives way for a more “finished” look. The boards generally do not have to match the crown moulding, because crown moulding is an accent piece.

If your baseboards are in good shape and you don’t need to pull them out, there is an option of adding a small thin piece of decorative moulding to the top. This upgrade is a really easy and an inexpensive option to achieve the preferred look of the taller baseboards.