Wainscoting is a wall covering technique that involves paneling using decorative trims. This elegant covering technique originated in the 18th century out of necessity but remains popular today because of its sophistication. Wainscoting does not only protect walls from wear and tear but also transforms any space from plain to polished. It is the most effective design when it comes to increasing your home’s resale value. If you’re looking for an upgrade that’s worth every penny, then wainscoting is the number one solution for you. This wallcovering technique can instantly turn your home into a delightfully pleasing space once installed.

There are several types of wainscoting which include recessed panel, picture frame, and full wall panel. The recessed panel is the traditional type that involves fixing a flat board to the wall. Frame pieces are then attached at the front of the board to give it a refined finish. The picture frame wainscoting is composed of molded square or rectangle panels that are projected outward. It is a high-end design that can render a more sophisticated look to any space where it’s installed. The full wall panel involves wainscoting the wall from floor to ceiling. It is a unique design that can make your interior appear grand and inviting.

Wainscoting is the best way to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your interior provided that it’s done properly. If it’s not installed correctly, the wainscot may look cheap and ugly. This design has been around for 700 years and it is here to stay which makes it a worthy project for home improvement. The professional installers from Home Trim have the required skill and experience to ensure that every panel is impeccably placed. By hiring professionals, you will be assured that your investment will turn into an asset that will increase your home value as well as upgrade your space to a higher standard.